Welcome to Sagostigen fairytale path!

Would you like to meet Snow-White and all her friends at the fairytale path Sagostigen?

Then you are welcome to visit our little fairytale path Sagostigen. Sagostigen is suitable for children between 2 and 12 years old. You find us next to Malmköping and Hälleforsnäs. How you can find us, you can see under Contact.

The fairytale path Sagostigen is open between 10 am and 4 pm every day during summer. Welcome to Sagostigen!

Fairy tales depicted inside little red cottages

Sagostigen comprises a 2 km countryside path in beautiful and quiet Sörmland with little red cottages that depict the interior of fairy tales like The sleeping Beauty’s castle, Granny’s cottage with Little Red Riding-Hood, The Princess and the Pea, The Thumb hole, Three Bears, the He-Goats Bruse, the Dwarf with Snow-White and Rose-Red, the dwellings of the Trolls, Snow-White and the seven Dwarves, Mum’s little Olle, The Emperor’s New Clothes, Hansel and Gretel and Santa’s workshop.

Farm animals

Along the path, you can see our animals from our farm Flassbro in there enclosed pasture.

Playground area

On our playground area, you will find a big wheel, trampoline, cars and tractors, an inflated castle to jump in, a rope way, a small merry-go-round and many other things. The big wheel gives exercise to the adults and pleasure to the small ones.

Children's theatre

At the playground area, you also will find our children's theatre.

Cafeteria and picnic place

The cafeteria is situated at the playground area there you can buy sandwiches, hot dog, mashed potatoes with sausage, home-made bun, ice cream, coffee, tea and lemonade. At the playground area, you even find many picnic places.

Gift shop and jumble sale

On the stable yard near the playground area, you will find our gift shop and our jumble sale.

In our gift shop you will find lots of handmade products like sheepskin, pottery from Barbro Gustavsson, needlework, knitting, crochet work, glasswork, hand woven carpet, tablecloth and runner. You even will find jewellery, Red Back boots from Australia, teddy bears from Bukowski, princess dresses, -shoes and -accessories and lots of other things.

In our jumble sale, you will find many second hand products and the benefit goes to the Swedish welfare organisation BRIS who helps the children.

Pony riding

During the school holidays from the June to August and at the weekends in May your children can ride on our pony’s between 12 and 2 pm. During the same time you can see our animals from our farm Flassbro Gård.

The countryside walk Sörmlandsleden

One of our new highlights on Sagostigen at 2007 is that the countryside walk Sörmlandsleden lap 22 has gets a connection to Sagostigen and the new nature reserve Rossmossen. Our cafeteria gladly helps you to get provisions for your tour. You are welcome to park your car on Sagostigen. Take contact with us so you can enjoy the nature. Read more about Sörmlandsleden on the web site

Facilities for Disabled Visitors

The fairytale path Sagostigen is situated at a forested area with an old farm at a grove in the middle of the path which makes getting around for those with mobility issues tricky. Some areas of the path, the playground area and the stable yard are accessible for those with mobility issues.

Dog Friendly

Sagostigen allow you to bring your dog with you. The dogs should be well controlled and on leads because there are wildlife and farm animals roaming free at Sagostigen. Plus, remember a bag to scoop that poop!